August 7, 2009

Citizenpip Reusable Lunch Kits for Hearty, Eco-Friendly, On the Go Meals

Back to school shopping for an eco-friendly, waste free lunchbox? Recently launched company, Citizenpip has one of the best reusable lunch systems I have ever seen. All I can say is size really does matter, and I was never a dainty eater... not as a child, and not now. While there are many green lunch systems for kids on the market, the issue I have with them is that they're sized for people who eat like birds! I love that Citizenpip has made a literal 'Soup to Nuts' reusable lunch kit that is as appropriate for mom or dad as it is for a child. The whole family may use this well-equipped, compact kit if need be.

Function aside, let's talk style and substance. Citizenpip's lunch kits are chic and sassy, and their designs (choices include: Yum, Eat or Tasty) make them easily interchangeable and something every member of the family would be proud to tote. Most importantly, every component of Citizenpip's lunch kits is non-toxic. They are FREE of lead, BPA, phthalates and PVC.

I highly recommend the Soup to Nuts kit for daily meals away from home. It covers every need with the following contents:
The containers are airtight and leak proof -- both great, essential perks for versatile meals... hello Thai veggie curry, or homemade lentil soup, goodbye PB & J! All of the components are also recyclable!

You may also buy different variations and individual components of the Citizenpip lunch system depending on your needs.

As if the Citizenpip lunch kit wasn't already a must-have, the company also offers a purchase program to benefit schools. Rally students and teachers at your school together to buy Citizenpip lunch systems to reduce waste and encourage reuse and recycling... and Citizenpip donates a portion of each sale to the purchasers' school!

Side note: If you don't have children or don't need a 'back to school' lunch kit per se, I highly recommend Citizenpip reusable lunch kits for adults who are trying to eat more healthy, homemade meals on their lunch hour. Buy one for any member of your family or for a friend who is opting to stop buying food out. This kit will be a great incentive to pack a lunch filled with yummy food!

Buy your Citizenpip reusable lunch kit here
! I LOVE mine!


Kayla said...

This is awesome!

Gift of Green said...

I am totally tempted. Those bento box style lunch boxes just don't do it for me.