August 10, 2009

Graze Organic: 100% Organic Cotton Reusable Sandwich & Snack Bags and Cloth Napkins

I find it invigorating that the more the eco-movement takes hold, amazingly made green products continue to sprout up. Such is the case with Graze Organic. Graze Organic's fitting tagline is: "because every bag matters," and savvy eco-minded moms, Heather and Leslie developed this adorable line of reusable snack and sandwich bags and cloth napkins to help lessen their family's environmental impact. Their wares have so much style and flair that you'll hardly miss those convenient plastic baggies you may currently be using... and you'll find making the switch to Graze Organic a real perk!

Made in the USA (in Los Angeles, with hip graphics designed by local artists) out of 100% unbleached, undyed organic cotton and hand silk-screened with water based inks, Graze Organics reusable snack and sandwich bags are as easy on the eyes as they are on the earth. Their utterly adorable deluxe set of 5 bags made me want to start packing a lunch the moment I saw them... and I don't even have a kid in school. Colorful graphics on various sized bags (1 large, 4 small) prompt the following contents: sandwich, fruit, vegetables, snack, surprise. And after they've been used you can, "throw them in the wash, not the trash."

And the Graze Organic line continues to please with their sweet 100% organic cotton cloth napkin collection -- each napkin is silk screened by hand using water based inks. The designs include dandelions, ants, Diggs the dog, and Rose the cat... and they're versatile enough to run the gamut from a child's lunchbox to a swanky cocktail party. We use the cloth napkins at our dinner table and they jazz up our solid placemats with their character.

I am a huge fan of Graze Organics, and I know you'll enjoy their reusable bags and cloth napkins as much as I do!


Anonymous said...

I just received these as a gift from a friend and I love them! and so does my little one...the quality is glad I found something like this because I've been looking for a long time.

Jennifer said...

I flipping love these bags. I'm so posting about them. Of course I'll link to you. Totally adorable!

Jill said...

How are these holding up to washing? They are gorgeous. Just curious about the long term. I hate using plastic baggies for sandwiches and carrot sticks in the lunch box but have yet to find a good, durable product. Thanks for these.

Petite Planet said...

Hi Jill- Yes, these bags hold up really well after washing. I stretch mine into shape and let them air dry so they don't shrink. I would highly recommend them. I haven't tried to put an actual sandwich in one, and my mom has a different brand of cloth bags which she said dried out the bread... so that's just a word of caution!