August 19, 2009

Diaper Free Babies Could Help Save the Earth

Diapers and babies go hand in hand, or tush in diaper, but recently, due to hard financial times brought about by the recession, and more peoples' desire to do their part to help save the earth and stop dumping waste into landfills, the notion of diaper free babies is starting to take hold. Even reusable, eco-friendlier cloth diapers are taking a backseat to this new concept of potty training infants!

I'm fascinated with the idea of raising a baby diaper free, and obviously, if this effort went global, we could save a tremendous amount of waste. It all sounds very mysterious to me, but I wanted to share what I read with you on The Mommy Files as well as at Diaper Free Baby.

Diapers have been a huge expense for us, and we're doing our best to get potty training underway... and according to the resources I shared above, you can start potty training your baby before six months. I don't know why I am somewhat skeptical about all of this, but I think the more we learn about it, the better our chances become at possibly starting a new way of rearing our babies to help preserve our planet.

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