August 20, 2009

Clean George: Organic, Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer & Moisturizer

If you're anything like me, and you want your kids to keep their hands as clean and germ free as possible while on the go, then travel sized hand sanitizers are a must! We've just discovered Clean George Organic Hand Sanitizer, and in addition to boasting natural germ fighting power while remaining alcohol free, Clean George is also moisturizing! We love it! And we all know how very drying and toxic those other hand sanitizers can be...

Clean George hand sanitizers are available in three scents: Grapefruit n' Sage (uplifting), Mint-alyptus (refreshing), and Lovin' Lavender (relaxing). Each has a distinct fragrance, and since tea tree oil is one of the main ingredients, one should know whether they like this scent before purchasing a bottle. But believe me, tea tree oil smells a lot better than alcohol. All ingredients are FSC and ECOCERT, and each bottle proudly bears the Leaping Bunny symbol.

Clean George hand sanitizers contain no parabens or phthalates, and they are safer for children because they contain no alcohol or chemicals. And each bottle is made out of 100% post consumer recycled plastic!

Read this cute story to learn who's behind the Clean George bottle
. And click here to read about George.

I really love the green, earth friendly practices behind this company, and I think Tracy, the creator/founder of Clean George, (who runs her car on vegetable oil from her favorite Thai restaurant!) is innovative and highly eco-responsible. She mixed the first batch of Clean George in her blender and then "to insure stability, she sought out leading naturopathic chemists to collaborate in the creation of an entirely natural, human beneficial and Earth neutral hand cleaner that uses some of the most potent plant extracts on the planet."

Each Clean George bottle is $9.99 and contains 400 squirts. Available at Whole Foods.

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Jill said...

Thank you for passing on this product. I love these alternatives to the typical, rather toxic product. Sometimes, especially during "flu season" , it is nice to not have to sacrifice our health for the sake of chasing away the yucky bugs.