September 23, 2009

Are Method Home Products Truly 'Green?'

I am a huge fan of Method products -- every room in our home is filled with them. So, when I saw that Inhabitat had Method on the chopping block in an "Is it Green?" post, I was quaking in my boots.

One of the most annoying things about living green is when you find out much to your dismay, that a product you've been using has really had you greenwashed. This is why I let out an audible sigh of relief when I read Evelyn Lee's post: Is it Green? Method Home Products, and learned that my trusty, eco-friendly cleaning sidekick of choice is indeed a true shade of emerald. The article is well worth the read, and I hope you're as happy as I was to hear Lee's conclusion: "Yes, through and through, from company to product, Method can live up to the standards of dark greenies, while remaining trendy enough to attract thousands of Target consumers."


Erin said...

i was happy to read this too! i love method but i hate greenwashing!

tara said...

oh me too. i heart method! (and, phew!)