September 22, 2009

HAPPYBABY Premium Organic Food

We all have the best intentions when it comes to feeding our children, but sometimes we lack the time it takes to lovingly prepare and puree and freeze homemade baby food. I seriously wish I had known about HappyBaby food a lot sooner. Having HappyBaby on hand is akin to having a best mom friend, who happens to be a gourmet cook and nutritionist, prepare your baby's meals and put them in your freezer. The line should be called HappyMommy.

What I love specifically are HappyBaby's frozen organic meals. The Baby Dhal and Mama Grain pairing is my favorite. After being heated, they are smooth and creamy in texture, as well as delicious! As a toddler, Olivia is past eating these purees as meals, but I had a light bulb moment that these frozen food cubes, which you simply pop out of a container and microwave to heat, could be used in the Deceptively Delicious recipes. (You know, those yummy recipes from Jessica Seinfeld wherein you add pureed fruits and veggies into your kids' meals/muffins/pancakes/smoothies without them knowing it...)

also offers no soy no dairy, brown rice cereal enhanced with DHA and Probiotic immunity. We used Earth's Best cereal for Olivia's first meal, but had I known about this amped up version, I would have much preferred feeding it to her.

Endorsed by my favorite child-rearing guru Dr. Sears, the HappyBaby line gets my highest recommendation for what to reach for when you can't whip up a healthy, organic meal from scratch. I recently wrote about the new book: HappyBaby: The Organic Guide to Baby's First 24 Months, so be sure to read about it here.

And finally, read an Inhabitots exclusive interview with the Founder & CEO of HappyBaby here.

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Jasmin said...

DJ Hedgehog loves HappyBaby, which I had to buy during this crazy crunch time!