September 29, 2009

Craft TuesD.I.Y with Lisa Lopez: Party Favor Keepsake Boxes

Thoughtful, personalized homemade birthday party favors are always a hit with kids. I wanted the guests at my stepdaughter's first slumber party to take home a favor that was unique and special -- one they could re-use for jewelery, hair accessories, and small treasures. They are inexpensive, fun and easy to make; and your birthday girl or boy will even enjoy pitching in to help craft them for his/her guests.

At my local craft store, I found some inexpensive cigar boxes, (but you could also use any plain type of box, or even upcycle some shoe boxes.) I also purchased letter stickers and pajama party themed stickers, but you could tailor the stickers to the theme of your child's party. You could also have your child decorate the box by coloring it with markers in lieu of stickers. Here is the easy, step by step process to make your own keepsake boxes or party favors.

Materials you will need:

Plain Cigar box, or small cardboard box
Stickers/Markers to decorate the box
Letter stickers
A hole puncher
Tissue or recycled, shredded paper to put in your box
Favors or treats for the box *Eco-friendly suggestions: Yummy Earth lollipops or Flower/Veggie seed packets

1) Punch a hole in the center of the box lid at the bottom, and just below it on the front of the box.

2) Put the child's name on the box with your letter stickers.

3) Decorate the box with your stickers, markers, etc.
4) Fill the box with recycled tissue, shredded paper, or recycled paper grass.
5) Arrange your favors in the box.

6) Put the ribbon through both holes to tie the box shut.

The possibilities for these keepsake party favor boxes are endless!

Holiday tip: Decorate boxes with holiday stickers and fill them with homemade cookies for your child's teacher or for friends and family.

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Anonymous said...

What an inexpensive, adorable idea, and so great that the kids can be involved too! Looking forward to Tuesdays and reading your ideas, Lisa!