September 30, 2009

NEW! Predators of the Serengeti at the Oregon Zoo

Check out Olivia petting a cheetah at the Oregon Zoo's new Predators of the Serengeti exhibit! Not really... this just happens to be one of those priceless photos where you can't see the thick glass between her and the fastest cat on earth.

We went to see the lions with our little Leo last week and were amazed at the exquisite new exhibit which is highly interactive and educational. Kids can crawl through tunnels and into cubbyholes where they could very well end up nose to nose with a lion (again, separated by glass, but it doesn't get much cooler than being that integrated into a lion's den.) There was also a really cool feature in the mongoose section where kids could crawl under the exhibit and then pop their head up into a glass dome that had them at eye level with a mongoose. Whomever mapped out this entire exhibit must be a genius and have inquisitive children.

Below is our extreme close-up with a snoozing polar bear at the Oregon Zoo - in an entirely separate exhibit, but it was still special seeing a polar bear at this proximity. When he yawned, his teeth were bigger than Olivia.

We have a wonderful experience every time we venture to the Oregon Zoo. If you're ever in the area, treat your family to a visit.

On another note, we also loved seeing Rama the elephant paint a gorgeous painting one Sunday morning at the Oregon Zoo. The fun never ends!

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