September 28, 2009

New Website: Eco Baby Buys Gives Daily Deals on Green Products

Deal a day website just launched! Every day at 9am EST, an eco-friendly baby product at a bargain price (at least 40% off retail) goes up for grabs. The early bird gets the worm because supplies are limited. Green baby labels already featured include Under the Nile and Mini Mioche. When selecting products to feature on the site, here are the considerations:

· the use of non-toxic materials and dyes
· the use of organic and/or recycled textiles and materials
· the use of eco-friendly packaging
· and a commitment and adherence to the standards of fair-trade.

Since going green can often tug on the purse strings, purchasing shower, new baby and birthday presents from would be a great way to save money and always have an eco-conscious gift on hand!

Sign up for their daily alert so you'll be among the first to know about the hot, eco deal of the day.

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