October 16, 2009

'Junk' O Lanterns and No Carve Pumpkins

Me and knives do not mix. It takes total concentration for me to slice an apple and keep all of my digits in tact -- and bagels? They are my Mount Everest of cutting. So when I came across these ingenious alternatives to pumpkin carving, I was quite enchanted, and my anxiety at the notion of wielding a giant knife to widdle away at an unrelenting pumpkin subsided.

Above is a 'Junk' O Lantern which uses household junk to transform a pumpkin into Cinderella's expired coach: "corn planters for the wheels, a soap dish for the driver's seat, a drawer pull for the door, and a sink drain for the window. The little mice are mini pumpkins with upholstery-tack noses, wire whiskers, and nail feet."

The Leafy Centerpiece below is so simple yet so elegant. Click here for instructions on how to make one of your own.

The Tabletop 'Mumkins' below does require you to poke holes into the pumpkin to insert flower stems... but I think it looks so festive that it's worth a little suspense.

Finally, resident Petite Planet crafter Lisa Lopez created the pumpkin below by simply using water to rub on a pumpkin tattoo adhesive! He looks like he's ready to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

Don't forget to compost your pumpkin when Halloween is over!

via Ohdeedoh via Better Homes and Gardens

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A green Jelly Bean said...

I normally don't do the whole Halloween thing, but I love how pretty some of these pumpkins are! I could see them looking great for the whole Fall season-maybe on a Thanksgiving table even. Thanks for the creative (and less hazardous for those of us who are carving challenged)inspiration!