October 5, 2009

Make Your Own Holiday Wrapping Paper with Your Kids!

We received several shipments this week, and all were packaged with plain white or brown paper as a wrapper/buffer. As opposed to throwing this perfectly fine paper into the recycling bin, Olivia and I turned it into an art project to upcycle it into wrapping paper for the upcoming holidays! You can easily do the same the next time you get paper wrapping with a delivery. Above, Olivia and I had an epic finger painting session. The paper stretched across the length of our table and I just kept moving her chair down. (Is this considered child labor?) We used lovely Livos Salis all natural fingerpaints -- which I was happy about when Olivia decided to use a paintbrush to paint her entire arm blue and then start licking it. Kids.

The photo above is of another project we did with plain shipping paper. We spread the paper across her table and used our Do-A-Dot rainbow art set to pepper the page with festive dots. I then rolled it up to be saved to wrap holiday gifts. Voila! Free, eco-friendly wrapping paper and a fun way to spend an afternoon with your kids!

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Kirsten@Nexyoo said...

Great idea! If someone doesn't have extra plain paper to reuse, buying a roll of recycled kraft paper to decorate is still much better than buying new wrapping paper. (Of course another good option is just to reuse the wrapping paper other people give you on presents...but then you'd miss out on the creative fun of this project).