November 5, 2009

T-Shirt Memory Scarf

I can't tell you how many times I have been cleaning out my drawers, and although I know I'll never wear certain T-shirts from my past again, I simply cannot part with them due to nostalgic reasons -- my Oxford University T-shirt I purchased in Oxford on my way to visit Shakespeare's hometown, my "I heart NY" T-shirt I wore between falling in love with the city and selling everything I owned to move there, the list goes on and on, and so do the memento T-shirts.

So when I spotted this T-shirt memory scarf on Craftzine, I thought it was pure upcycling genius! Now we can wear all those old tees again, or at least hang them on display somewhere in the house! The designer of this crafty sentimental scarf had the same reasoning behind her inspiration - she didn't want to part with her old tees, and she wanted to make them wearable again. Click here to read how she created this sweet scarf, which would also make quite the conversation piece!

via Craftzine

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