December 21, 2009

12 Days of Green Christmas: Haba Nativity Set for Kids

I am wrapping up my 12 Days of Green Christmas posts by featuring this adorable Haba Limited Edition Wooden Nativity Set! It's great to deck out the house with Santa, elves and Christmas folklore galore, but I think it's also vital to familiarize children with the real meaning behind Christmas -- the birth of Jesus Christ.

Nativity scenes can be very fragile and breakable, but I really love this Haba Nativity Set because it is kid-friendly and may be enjoyed without worry by children who want to interact with the pieces. Made in Germany, it includes 18 wooden pieces crafted of beech wood and finished with beeswax.

I'll always remember the nativity scene my mom displayed in our house every Christmas, and while it was indeed delicate, we would pick up baby Jesus and re-position the manger animals and three kings until our heart's were content!

Interacting with the figures in a nativity scene is a wonderful, hands-on way to teach kids about the story of Christ's birth. It's no longer some esoteric story -- it's easier to explain and understand when the characters can fit into the palms of their little hands.

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