December 22, 2009

Craft TuesDIY: Make an Eco-Friendly Nativity Scene out of Wrapping Paper!

eco-friendly nativity scene, christmas crafts, eco-friendly christmas crafts, eco-friendly gift wrap, make nativity scene from wrapping paper, recycle wrapping paperLisa is on vacation, so in place of one of her original crafts, we're highlighting this cool eco-friendly nativity scene made from recycled wrapping paper and a few household items! Click here to see the entire tutorial on bringing the story of Christmas to life via some ingenuity and resourceful green crafting!

And as we draw nearer to Christmas, be sure to re-visit Lisa's craft on making your own eco-friendly wrapping paper with magazines and shopping bags! As a last minute fun activity for all the kids in the house (including the grown-up kids) make this super easy juice carton gingerbread house! Don't forget to add some festive final touches with these holiday votive candle holders made out of recycled baby food jars!

Happy crafting!

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