December 3, 2009

12 Days of Green Christmas: Think Outside the Box with Intangible Gifts: Dance & Music Classes or a Zoo Membership

dance class, toddler dance class, green gifts for toddlers, green gifts for kids, green kids, eco kidsA great way to give a green gift is to make it a no waste, intangible offering that will no doubt provide immense joy to its recipient. My mom gives all of her grandchildren these types of gifts each year via dance lessons, music classes, and zoo memberships -- and the loveliest part is that these types of gifts last long after the initial wow factor of a physical present because they are activities that are frequently enjoyed.

Our zoo membership is priceless. You've read about many of our zoo adventures -- we practically use the zoo as our backyard, going there to play all the time. Olivia has also blossomed in her creative dance classes (shown with her cousin above), and we also adore our music classes!

So think outside the box (literally) this holiday season, and give the gift of enrichment to your loved ones!


Kirsten@Nexyoo said...

Great idea. If you want to pair this type of present with a small physical present to unwrap, with low environmental impact, a nice idea is to give a book related to the gift (about dance, or about the zoo, etc.)

sheri said...

We will be giving dance and karate lessons this year. There is nothing like the gift of learning. (We will also give one toy to her and money for college.) I really believe in balance.