December 31, 2009

Create a Dream Wall in Your Child's Bedroom

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If you have a collection of postcards from your travels and museum visits in a box, it's time to whip them out for this amazing purpose: to create a 'dream wall' in your child's bedroom. I came across this simple yet extremely thoughtful idea at pi ' lo where the writer explains:

"We have a dream wall in the boys bedroom. Every night before going to sleep we pull a postcard out of a felt gift bag and tape it up on the wall. The idea is to dream about the image, and if we all learn a little bit about art history along the way, even better."

I think this would be a wonderful bedtime ritual for parents and kids, and amongst couples as well. Sharing or reflecting on travels and experiences, enriching each other with new knowledge while promoting interconnectedness, creativity and dreams.


Jackie @ Lilolu said...

Dream Wall...ahh, this just may be the new Dream Catcher. Love the idea.

Happy New Year!

Petite Planet said...

Happy New Year to you too! Thanks for reading!