December 30, 2009

End Animal Dissections with Knitted Science

knitted science, end animal dissection
As a vegetarian and animal lover, I am opposed to the use of frogs, rats, rabbits, pigs, earthworms and any other creatures being used for dissection to teach students biology. So, when I came across this knitted frog from Etsy shop The Crafty Hedgehog, I thought it would be the perfect alternative to the real thing.

Artist Emily Stoneking hand knits these 'Knitting in Biology 101' frogs from a silk/wool blend, and their innards are needle felted by hand with 100% wool.

She also fashions other faux dissections including: rabbits, pigs and rats.

Now, if only we could get schools across the globe to make the switch from flesh to fabric...


sheri said...

This is fantastic! Your readers, me included, should send this post out to our school boards, teachers, and parents groups to get them involved in making a switch!

Petite Planet said...

I agree! The sad thing is, these knit versions are probably way more expensive, so we'd need to find an affordable alternative they'd be willing to try!