December 24, 2009

Our Real, 'Dancing' Christmas Tree -- and How to Recycle Your Christmas Tree!

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We had a magical experience cutting down our Christmas tree at Sauvie Island Farms this holiday season. Olivia picked out our tree without hesitation, and with complete confidence that it was the best tree in the entire world. When we opted to shake and bale our tree, she laughed as it shimmied wildly on the shaker, and I told her it was dancing a jig because it was so happy she picked it to come home with us. Every morning she looks at the tree in our living room as says, "I picked our tree, and it was so happy it danced!"

Once you've thoroughly enjoyed the beauty of your Christmas tree, don't forget to recycle it! Learn how to recycle your Christmas tree here! I also wrote another detailed article on Christmas tree recycling you can check out here!

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