January 13, 2010

Family of Three Lives the Simple Life in a Yurt

The next time you feel cramped for space in your home, think of Erin McKittrick and Bretwood Higman, who live in a yurt (a one room Mongolian-style tent) located in Alaska with their 11 month old son.

According to a recent article on the couple's lifestyle in The New York Times, "they decided they could live without running water, shower, bath or a working toilet, but they had to have broadband Internet access." Dogs help lick their dinner plates clean, and they take showers once a week after an hour long walk to the closest town.

The couple, who have walked more than 7,000 miles together, started the organization Ground Truth Trekking to help raise awareness of environmental issues in Alaska.

I always like hearing about people living modestly and close to the earth in these settings because a) it makes me appreciate all of the little things I take for granted and b) it's a reminder that life can always be lived on a simpler scale to benefit the planet, and most assuredly the individual.

Photo: Stuart Isett for The New York Times


Rachel said...

Now that is dedication! And here I thought I was doing good having lived without a microwave for the last 2 months! I never realized how convenient it was until I didn't have it and then got it back. I definitely couldn't do the shower thing!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I think what they are doing is great!. Not too sure if I could do it but I wouldn't mind trying it.

Petite Planet said...

Rachel - I totally agree on the shower front! A shower is my only peace and quiet for the day! And Jackie, I think it's great too- I could probably last in that lifestyle for about a week though!

healingsgreen.com said...

Good work!

Jill said...

We lived in Alaska for three years, and I taught middle school there. I had children of military members and local children as well, in my class. I could tell one from the other because the local children smelled of campfire smoke and body odor.
Many of the families chose to live that way to live a simple and subsistence lifestyle, not out of poverty.
Thank you for sharing this story.
I agree with you about the shower though. It is my only alone/quite time.