January 21, 2010

Herbatergent: Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent from Vaska

Vaska laundry detergent is changing the world one load of laundry at a time! This refreshing, eco-friendly, non-toxic, hypo-allergenic line of detergent is ideal for adults and children with sensitive skin, as it contains only plant based ingredients and no carcinogens, petroleum or other chemicals that are harmful to the earth and to delicate skin.

Vaska products are superior due to their purity and performance power. Their botanical solutions, derived from lavender, leave clothes smelling fresh and looking clean. I am a big fan of their Herbatergent, which comes in Light Lavender or Scent Free varieties, uses real herbs for cleansing power, and boasts only the following natural ingredients:
  • Plant-based surfactants
  • Vegetable conditioner
  • Water-soluble degreasing agent
  • Lavender extract
  • Lavender scent (Light Lavender only)
  • Filtered water
A 48 oz. bottle costs $9.99 and will wash 32 loads. Vaska Herbatergents are 2x concentrated, biodegradable, graywater and septic tank safe, not tested on animals, and they soften clothes naturally. Because Herbatergents are chemical free, they extend the life of clothes by not breaking down their fibers. Additionally, the detergent bottle is made of HDPE, 75% post recycled content and is commonly recycled by most cities.

Laundry isn't a load of fun, but it's detergents like these that turn this chore into a beneficial, refreshing experience! Vaska products are available on Amazon.com.

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