February 1, 2010

Glowing Butterfly Nightlights

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I've always been the type to want to clearly see what goes bump in the night -- from childhood to now -- so nightlights illuminate the way in our household after dark. These electroluminescent butterfly nightlights are by far the coolest breed I have ever seen. They remind me of those glow in the dark stars and planets we all used to stick on the ceiling above our beds as kids -- but these butterflies are so much cooler that I think they'd look just as amazing in mom and dad's bedroom, in the hallway -- or anywhere in the house!

As reported on Inhabitots, "these low-energy UK-designed butterfly lights [are] from creative forces Soner Ozenc and John Wischhusen. The Glowings/El Flutter collection of glowing butterfly nightlights are safe and cool, emitting a soft diffused light from their wings using an electroluminescent fabric."


via Inhabitots

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