March 29, 2010

Handmade Charlotte: Handcrafted One-of-a-Kind Girl's Clothing

handmade charlotte children's clothing, handmade clothing for girls, handmade charlotteI am truly inspired by Rachel of Handmade Charlotte. She is the mother of FIVE children, and she still finds time to author an utterly enchanting blog and to design and craft the most beautiful and unique collection of children's clothing and accessories. The bonnet above is perfect for Easter and spring celebrations, and will adorn your little angel's head with old-fashioned style and grace. Below are more whimsical pieces from her collection.

Each of Rachel's designs are one of a kind originals that are handmade with 'lots of love.' Her collection is pitch perfect for spring/summer, boasting elegant yet playful apparel and accessories that will make little girls look simply darling. Recent additions to her collection include the Love Letter Backpack seen above -- perfect for tucking away tiny treasures and secret notes -- and the sweet Mouse Ears hat seen below -- ideal for jaunts to the park, this ear hat protects a little one's head from the sun while also adding a playful element of dress-up play to everyday excursions.

I also love Handmade Charlotte's skirts with colorful pennant belts -- you won't find anything like them in quality or craftsmanship -- and her decadent polka dot blouse with rosette detailing may be dressed up or down to make your daughter the life of the party everywhere she goes. Handmade Charlotte clothing highlights the independent, unbridled spirit and charm of little girls -- celebrating their youth and vivaciousness by decorating them in clothes with a classic and timeless appeal.

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