April 8, 2010

Color it Yourself Biodegradable Umbrella

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Living in Portland, I now truly understand the meaning of the weather term "April Showers." There's certainly no beating the rain here, so joining in with the right gear is essential. This awesome biodegradable umbrella will help put a hop in your step in gray, rainy weather.

Made out of bamboo and featuring a patented biodegradable clear canopy, it also "has a unique wind-vent system and withstands high winds and heavy downpours alike...." which is important for the longevity of an umbrella -- or it just ends up needing to be upcycled! You can turn your 'Brella' into a totally personalized and unique accessory by decorating it with the included set of 6 non-toxic, real paint permanent markers. Kids will love having a one-of-a-kind parasol to perch beneath!

Brella is designed and engineered to be fully biodegradable in five years, even in a landfill.

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