April 7, 2010

'Rockid': Rocking Chair/Cradle Combo

rocking chair and cradle in one, rocking chair cradle
When I spotted this ingenious rocking chair and cradle combo I was moved by both its simplicity in design and its ingenious dual nature! There's nothing worse than spending hours rocking your baby to sleep -- only to have her wake up the instant you place her in the crib! With this winning creation, baby can fall asleep while you rock and sing to her, and then voila, she's already in her cradle.

Once a baby outgrows the cradle, the 'Rockid' may be reconfigured into a rocking chair.

Made out of birch ply wood and industrial felt, the Rockid is still in its concept phase -- but this is one idea I hope takes hold for parents like me who rock their babies to sleep every night!

via Handmade Charlotte

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Petit Eco KIDS said...

This is such a great find! A simple design that would make life that little bit easier! love it!