April 12, 2010

Green Start Puzzles for Eco Kids Who Outsmart You


When you become a parent, you can no longer fall back on the cop out: "I'm not good at XYZ..." because suddenly you have to become an expert at everything... or your kid outsmarts you! Such is the case with me, and my daughter, and puzzles. I've never been good at puzzles, but I'm getting better by the day as my two year old whips them together with aplomb.

This eco-friendly 'Green Start' giant floor puzzle is next on my list of gifts for her. It has 35 oversized pieces, so it's easy for young children (and their puzzled parents) to connect the pieces both mentally and physically. Additionally, the puzzle is printed on 98% post consumer recycled materials, with eco-friendly inks, and it comes packaged in a reusable totebox.

The puzzle highlighted above is called Puppy-Palooza, and it's also available in themes: On the Farm, Under the Sea, and My Dollhouse.

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