May 24, 2010

DIY Eco Felt Board for Teaching Toddlers Spelling & Reading

Raising a toddler who is as inquisitive, curious and eager to learn as my sweet little girl, I'm always wanting to turn any and every opportunity into an enriching experience. Enter the eyesore of a wardrobe cabinet that landed in her room as the only place it fits in the house. Big and brown, it's never fit in with the colorful decor of her space, and my friend and I decided it was time to spruce it up and transform it into something fun!

We simply bought several different colors of eco-felt (felt made from recycled plastic bottles), measured and lined the cabinet door panels, and then set to work cutting out dozens of letters, numbers and shapes. There are a variety of different stencil options available online, so you may choose the size and font that suits your taste.

We traced the stenciled letters we downloaded to the felt, cut them out, stuck them to the felt on the fabric doors, and voila! An easy way to teach toddlers spelling and reading and counting! And a great way to transform misfit furniture into a functional item!

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Anonymous said...

Great idea Beth! I love this!