May 26, 2010

Eco-Friendly Peg Racks from Maple Shade Kids

Every kid deserves a sweet place to hang their hat at "home sweet home," and this adorable Mother and Baby Bird peg rack from Maple Shade Kids is a delightful addition to a child's space. The 23 inch rack provides ample storage space to keep your little one's jacket, hat, purse, dress-up clothes, or whatever else they wish to hang up, organized and off the floor.

Each unique and colorful peg rack is hand cut by artist Wanda Hirsch, and made with FSC certified poplar wood. The colorful appliques are applied with non-toxic glue, and the glossy finish is achieved with a non-toxic soy based sealer. I love that this peg rack is appropriate for all ages from toddlerhood through elementary school, and will always look darling and be functional in any room in the house.

Additionally, Maple Shade Kids plants a tree with Trees for the Future for every purchase made!

Other peg rack design variations include Blue Owls, a cheeky Monkey, a Castle & Maple Tree and more! All of the characters featured are personable, cheery and fun!

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awww...This is just so cute! I wanna have one for my room too...I mean, anybody would want it, I'm pretty sure of that. It exudes a sweet aura to any room.