May 28, 2010

NEW! Klean Kanteen's Wide Insulated Bottle is My New Best Friend

klean kanteen, klean kanteen wide insulated, klean kanteen bottles, klean kanteen insulated bottle, reusable stainless steel water bottlesHow many times has someone asked you if you've consumed enough water in any given day? It has been a constant goal of mine to drink the required ounces, and I even have the half empty glasses strewn about our household to mark my attempts. Now that I have the Klean Kanteen Wide Insulated bottle, drinking from it all day long has been a breeze. I carry this thing everywhere! It's like the traveling gnome in the vacation photos, except that it's woven into the fabric of my daily life.

Due to its vacuum insulation and double-walled construction, this amazing bottle keeps iced drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks hot for 6 hours! I have tested it on both notes and it really does work. I like that I can just toss a few ice cubes into the wide-mouth of the bottle and drink from it throughout the day and have it taste exactly like it did when I poured it. And the keeping drinks hot feature is so great because I have tossed countless mugs of cold tea into the sink after being distracted by mommy or household duties... but now I can pour tea into the bottle and it will stay hot for 6 hours. (And if I can't get to it by then, something is very wrong!) And instead of using paper cups at your coffee house of choice, tote your Klean Kanteen and filler up to keep your drink hot and save the planet from all of those disposable cups!

The cafe' cap is my favorite lid option, because it has a sliding component which allows you to open or close the hole in the cap -- also ideal for parents whose kids are prone to climbing onto counters to tip over drinks. (ahem, that would be my little monkey)

I'll close by saying that I own many, many reusable water bottles and NONE have as clean of a taste as the aptly named Klean Kanteen. It is made purely of stainless steel and has no questionable inner lining to worry about leaching BPA or other chemicals into your drink. I love that I can't taste the bottle itself, which has always been an issue for me until now.

So, put this bottle on your wish list or treat yourself to one and you'll have a hydrating friend for life!


Chiot's Run said...

I have the regular Klean Kanteens and I LOVE them. I must buy one of these to replace my plastic coffee travel mug.

I have an old old Thermos (stainless steel interior) that I found at Goodwill (still new in box) that is great at keeping beverages hot for a long time, but it doesn't have the convenient cafe lid.

Global Shoppe said...

Nice tumbler! How can I buy this online?? I like it very much..

Petite Planet said...

Hi Global Shoppe- You can buy this Klean Kanteen directly from their website. Enjoy!

Lisa Sharp said...

I love mine as well! I use it all the time. I just washed it to take my green smoothie to a lunch meeting tomorrow.

Petite Planet said...

Sounds delicious, Lisa! What's in your green smoothie recipe?