June 2, 2010

DIY Dollhouse Hidden Inside A Cupboard Door!

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We've all heard of the age-old trick of keeping a baby entertained by letting her play with pots, pans and tupperware from a designated drawer in the kitchen. But when toddlers and older children need to be kept occupied during meal preparations, it's time to up the ante!

This simple and ingenious dollhouse is hidden inside a cupboard door and provides tons of fun for little ones while parents are busy in the kitchen.

A mom/daughter duo made the hidden dollhouse by cutting out rooms from IKEA catalogs and old issues of Domino, Martha Stewart, and Cookie Magazines. They then affixed the rooms to the inside of a kitchen cabinet door with painter's tape to divide each room. And they also made adorable paper dolls out of poster board which live in a bud vase in the cupboard until called upon to inhabit the rooms!

Click here for all of the awesome details.

We will be making one of these for Olivia very soon! I LOVE it!

via Ohdeedoh via Dinner: A Love Story

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