June 16, 2010

GREEN FATHER'S DAY GIFT: Lil Davinci Art Cabinet from Dynamic FRAMES

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Most parents know how quickly their child's art projects can consume a household if they aren't kept in check. Our refrigerator door is constantly covered in coloring book pages, drawings, finger paintings and collages, and many more masterpieces are being stored in boxes for posterity.

Which is why I was struck by the brilliance and simplicity behind the Lil Davinci art cabinet from Dynamic FRAMES. This ingenious cabinet stores up to 50 pieces of artwork, and highlights one main work of art in the matted frame. Each time your child hands you her musing of the moment, you can proudly showcase it in the front of the frame while storing older pieces behind it. *The front of the art cabinet opens via a simple latch on the side.

I think this would make a great Father's Day gift for dads who love to create and appreciate art with their children. My husband and daughter and I are constantly collaborating on art projects, and being able to cherish and feature them in this organized cabinet will be of great benefit to us!

When I asked the company about the eco stats behind the Lil Davinci art cabinet from Dynamic FRAMES, this is the favorable response I received:

We make our high-volume frames out of mdf, which is a wood composite. It lends itself well to our specification for a good finish with minimal joining lines, and it utilizes scrap wood rather than "fresh" or hardwood. The mdf we use meets the low VOC standards, and all of our finishes meet SVHC requirements.

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