June 15, 2010

GREEN FATHER'S DAY GIFT: thinksound Headphones

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My husband is an audiophile if there ever was one. A former club DJ, he adores music and would probably wear a pair of headphones, or listen to music all the live long day if he could. (And the proof is in the fact that our 2 1/2 year-old walks around the house singing lyrics from artists ranging from Nirvana and Coldplay to Jason Mraz and Jack Johnson). That said, his headphones rarely last long due to wear and tear and constant use, especially now that he uses them in tandem with his iPhone.

But his luck changed when thinksound headphones entered the picture. Not only are thinksound rain headphones far superior to their mainstream counterparts, they are also sustainably designed and eco-friendly. These high-definition headphones feature passive noise isolation, a handcrafted wood housing from renewable sources, which delivers unparalleled acoustics and natural resonance, PVC free cables, and a 3.5mm gold plated plug for increased sound clarity. Packaging is also kept to a minimum and made from recycled materials. Black chocolate or silver cherry wood options are available.

My husband is a really hard sell when it comes to gadgets and electronics and thinksound has completely won him over. He particularly likes that these headphones deliver amazing, crisp bass, treble and middle. He noted that most headphones skimp on the bass delivery, but that these excel in that department. thinksound also makes a headphone model ts01 which feature "enhanced bass."

thinksound headphones are compatible with iPhones, iPods, MP3, CD, DVD, PSP and computers. I like that these long-lasting, quality headphones make it possible to leave a lighter footprint in the realm of technology.

thinksound headphones are available from the retailers listed here.

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