July 2, 2010

ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer Tracks Newborn Behavior, Saves Sanity

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Yes, we continue to batten down the hatches here on the home front, awaiting the arrival of our baby boy. However, how can one ever really prepare for sleepless nights and exhaustion? People always advise, "rest up!" or "sleep now!" as if you can stock up and save sleep in reserves to call upon and down like little vials of resuscitation. But, we can make our lives a little easier with modern-day conveniences designed to help save a weary parent's sanity!

Enter the ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer, as in, "It's been XYZ hours and minutes since I last fed or changed the baby." And believe me, it all starts blurring together, especially when a toddler is thrown into the mix as the ultimate distraction.

I am thrilled to have ITZBEEN on my team. Because with the press of a button, I'll be able to keep track of diaper changes, nursing sessions, nap and wake times, and one other task of my choosing (denoted by the * sign).

The ITZBEEN is compact and lightweight, so you can easily pop it into your diaper bag for on-the-go organization. I also love that it features a soft-glow nightlight that automatically shuts off after seven minutes, and that it is backlit in the event you need to set it in the dark.

This device would have been a lifesaver for me with my firstborn, when I was trying to monitor how many times I nursed her during the night. I was supposed to write it down every time, but I was too exhausted to a) remember to do so and b) to lift the pen and actually scrawl the time! With ITZBEEN, I'll be able to simply press the button and see when the last feeding was, and I won't have to rely on the clock or my memory of it to keep me straight.

There's also the added convenience of optional alarms, which allow you to set a maximum time limit for each task. Ahem, how can 3 hours have gone by since that last feeding or diaper change? Time will indeed slip away, I'm sure.

Lastly, when I nursed my firstborn, I had a tacky, albeit helpful bracelet that marked the time of her last feeding, and I would have to switch it back and forth to each wrist to denote which breast to offer first at the next feeding. I love that ITZBEEN has a little switch at the bottom to allow you to keep track of which breast is up next at each session.

This handy device will truly help navigate the way for parents who are caring for a newborn. It will end the paper trail of endless, esoteric scribbled notes and provide some semblance of clarity in the throes of parenting!

Purchase ITZBEEN here.

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