July 5, 2010

"Mom, I'm Bored" Jar Fills Summertime Lulls

I recently wrote a post entitled: 25 Good, Old Fashioned Unplugged Activities for Kids, which is full of fun ways to wile away the summer with your little ones.

But alas, we all know that inevitably kids are going to fall back on the phrase: "Mom, I'm Bored." In this case, have this ingenious jar on hand to keep children entertained. Repurpose and decorate a container and fill the jar with little strips of paper that each contain an activity. I love this idea from the mom behind the blog Skip to My Lou! She even supplies templates of ideas to print and cut up! Or, write the ideas on scrap paper or paper that's destined for the recycling bin. Obviously, some ideas will need to be tailored to your child's age...

Here's to never having a dull moment this summer!

via Growing Up Green

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