July 7, 2010


Over the holiday weekend, I watched a documentary called "No Impact Man." I know I am so late to the game on this one, and that this film debuted quite some time ago... but raising Olivia all day and working all night doesn't leave much time for film watching! I am really, really glad I got to see this film. It was educational, interesting and enlightening, and it will make you think about the measures you can take as an individual to tread more lightly on the earth.

This film also made me take a closer look at my content on Petite Planet, and I will be trying to streamline my efforts to make my posts truly about green living. While I often highlight eco-friendly products and wares, I'd like to think more analytically about whether such things are even necessary purchases. Because one of the best ways to live eco-consciously is by not being a consumer in the first place. Of course, I want to continue to put the spotlight on independent, small businesses and artisans who are creating goods responsibly -- because it's not realistic to think we're never going to buy anything for our children or families again... but I really want to be more discerning in this area.

So, watch "No Impact Man" the first chance you get, and please keep tuning into Petite Planet as I learn along with you how to be a better environmentalist!


Aja Reeser said...

this film is fantastic, but as is usually the case, the book that colin beavan wrote, also titled no impact man, goes into much more detail than the documentary was able to. my advice- read the book then pass it along to friends and family!!

Petite Planet said...

Thanks, Aja! I'll be sure to check out Colin's book too!