July 6, 2010

Don't Forget to Tote Reusable PRODUCE Bags on Your Shopping Trips

reusable produce bags, cotton produce bags

I have no idea why it didn't dawn on me sooner to buy reusable, cotton produce bags for my shopping trips. We have been faithfully toting our reusable grocery bags to and from the store, but while there, we end up loading the cart with smaller plastic bags to hold our produce. For shame! (I hang my head low.)

This is exactly the kind of "baby step" I'm talking about in my tagline here on Petite Planet. If we all stopped using the dozens of plastic produce bags on our produce shopping excursions and filled reusable sacks instead, think of the impact we could make. And since we are vegetarians, our diet is exclusively filled with fruits and vegetables which we've been lugging home from the store encased in plastic bags. Ugh!

The moment this fact dawned on me, I ordered six of these GardenSac Reusable Produce bags from Amazon. They're inexpensive, and they received a lot of great ratings in the customer reviews. I can't wait to try them out and use them on my trips to the grocery store and the farmer's market. I hope you will too!

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