July 21, 2010

My Gorgeous View from Bed Rest

My bed rest officially ends today, and the doctor says our son could safely make his grand entrance "at any time now." He hiccups in my belly as I type this.

My stint on bed rest was very short, and it gave me time to put so many things into perspective... like how very lucky I am. I have personally spoken with and read so many stories of women who have overcome so many odds during their pregnancies and then went on to be pillars of strength coping with premature babies. I am humbled at the amazing things women triumph over and are able to handle for their children.

I also feel so very blessed that my husband and daughter were so supportive of me and so helpful, accommodating and understanding that I needed to stay off my feet. I don't know how I'll ever get over my husband bringing me 3 meals a day and snacks on a silver tray in bed... and believe me, I'll never forget it. And our sweet girl couldn't have been more of a doll, kissing my belly and resting with me between jaunts to the zoo and library storytime with daddy. I think our son knew we could all use this time together to bond as a family and be a strong and happy unit to welcome him into our lives and the world.

Here's to the next big adventure.

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Jennifer said...

Your little one looks so beautiful in that picture - it is a great view! I'm glad you're feeling okay and are able to put it all in perspective. Bed rest can really make you cranky. You seem to be looking on the bright side though :)

Can't wait to hear that your little guy has arrived.