November 3, 2010

Pretty Pushers Organic Birthing Gown

I never plan on giving birth again, but I certainly wish I had treated myself to this lovely, organic cotton delivery gown on either of my birthing occasions. When I entered the hospital to have both of my children, I put on the standard issue, super-blah hospital gown. Of course, I figured, why bother wearing something nice when it's just going to get extremely ruined? But these Pretty Pushers have changed my thinking to "why not?"

Made in the USA from 100% organic cotton, each gown features a slip-on halter neck and a diagonal cut and openings that provide access for fetal monitors, an epidural, and other IVs if needed.

Think of how few times you'll give birth in your life... you deserve a beautiful garment in which to own this powerful, life-changing experience. Although the company touts this as a one-time use gown, buy it early on in your pregnancy and enjoy it as a maternity nightie in the months leading up to the big event.

Pretty Pushers organic cotton gown is available here for $45.

via Growing Up Green

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