January 27, 2011

Solids Starter Kit from mumi & bubi: Non-toxic Baby Food Freezer Trays

It seems like just yesterday I was making homemade baby food for Olivia. I couldn't have dreamed that three years and several bags under my eyes later, that I'd be on the precipice of pureeing food for my baby boy as well.

Whipping up homemade baby food is a breeze, but my efforts were always somewhat thwarted by the lack of having good, ample storage to keep the baby food readily stocked in the freezer. The trays I mentioned in this post sadly had lids that easily popped open once their contents froze, rendering the food freezer burned and useless. So, I am arming myself with a foolproof freezer system now, and luckily some advances have been made in the baby food storage market in time for Ashton's foray into fine dining.

Enter Mumi & Bubi's Solids Starter kit, which comes complete with two freezer trays, each with 21, 1 ounce cube slots, and a protective lid that snaps on over the entire tray to ensure that freezer burn won't be an issue. We have a tiny freezer, so another thing I love about these trays is that they have grooves on top of their lids to allow for easy stacking and space-saving. Also included with the Solids Starter Kit is an e-guide with 27 baby food recipes to help get the blending underway!

Most importantly, when storing baby's homemade purees in these trays, the food is sure to stay pure. The Solids Starter Kit is made from non-toxic, virgin polypropylene, (PP5) and it is free of phthalates, BPA, and PVC.

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Brittany Romano said...

I have a set of these and they're fantastic. I also had freezer burn issues with Baby Cubes and was about to give up on making food for DS, but these trays have renewed my passion. IMO, a definite must have!

Petite Planet said...

Thanks, Brittany! I know, storage is a huge consideration in the baby food making venture. I'm glad you love these too!