March 3, 2011

'Children Inspire Design' Art Prints Are Sweet, Sentimental Nursery Decor

Nearly every morning of my childrens' life I greet them with a song I made up, that contains the lyrics: "Good Morning, Sunshine." So when I came across the cheery new art print seen above from Children Inspire Design, I knew I had to get that sweet chirping early bird to help me deliver my sentimental melody. Plus, living in gray Portland, we can use all the bright sunshine we can get!

I also adore the print above: A Thousand Hearts. It captures exactly how I feel about my family in a simple yet profound phrase. I'll be hanging both of these prints in our home as a reminder of the love and sunshine created in our midst.

Another huge plus is that all products created by the artist behind Children Inspire Design, Rebecca Peragine, are eco-friendly in nature. Here is information about her process:

"Creative recycling is at the heart of each design. Every image literally starts out as a pile of scrap papers from old magazines and other post-consumer paper sources. Rebecca then creates her signature art piece by piece by tearing the pieces of paper, assembling them according to their vibrant colors and drawing inspiration from her imagination and the “life” that each piece embodies.  Many of the magazines she uses are written in other languages, thereby imbuing the art with the spirit of that language and the people it represents. Through this approach, the concepts of recycling and world appreciation are ever present."

The prints seen here are created using recycled card stock and soy inks at a certified green print studio. Further, Children Inspire Design also helps support grassroots organizations by generating thousands of dollars for women and children.

Bonus: Hot off the press! A brand new addition to the Children Inspire Design collection are these gorgeous, ethereal and whimsical art cards of vintage butterflies, which were created using all recycled scraps including fabrics and coffee bag burlap. I love butterflies, and think these would look beautiful  hanging from fishing wire in a nursery.

Visit Children Inspire Design, where you're sure to fall in love with the posters, wall cards, prints and room collections!

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