February 27, 2011

Organic 'Bamboo Dreams' Crib Sheet Puts Baby in Luxurious La-La Land

We co-sleep with our baby, but we do indeed have a crib that is mainly used as a place to put Mr. A while we turn the bed down at night! Believe me, if he liked the crib, which is sidecar to our bed, that's where he would be. As we do our best to transition him to his own quarters -- mere millimeters away from mommy, (but you'd think it was miles), I am hoping this luxuriously soft crib sheet, made from 100% organic Viscose from Bamboo entices our little man to sleep solo. Heck, if he won't go in his crib, I may cozy up in there myself now that this decadent sheet is in place!

Yala, a family-owned, Green America business based in Ashland, Oregon makes these gorgeous sheets for babies to snuggle into. Available in rain, green tea, and natural, they add eco sophistication to any nursery. Additionally, they contain no finishing agents and their hues are achieved via low impact dyes.

Yala also has an adorable collection of organically harvested bamboo clothing for babies and toddlers as well as stylish, green apparel for men and women. The company was formerly known as DreamSack for their invention of the indulgent 100% silk sleeping bag of the same name. Camping will never be roughing it with one of these lining your sleeping bag.

Sweet dreams!


Unknown said...

Love Yala Bamboo Sheets and Clothing. They are the best sellers in my Children's organic boutique. So glad you got them on your blog :)

DigaMama said...

Gorgeous! Our crib made a great laundry hamper. He's now in his own big boy bed (for part of the night anyway). He could use some beautiful sheets like these.

Petite Planet said...

Glad it wasn't just us with an obsolete crib! Here's hoping we can woo Mr. A in there with these soft sheets!