June 13, 2011

HAPPYBABY Organic Fruit & Veggie Pouches Make Perfect Companions for Summer Travel & Roadtrips

My first introduction to fruit and veggies in a pouch was during labor with Mr. A. My wonderful doula had packed several easy to eat, digest and tote pouches to help sustain me and keep my energy level up. I loved them and knew Miss O would too. Apple-cherry is my favorite and you can get the best deal on HAPPYBABY pouches when you buy them in bulk on Amazon. See link at bottom of this post...

I know that ultra green parents (including myself at one point) shudder to think of the packaging involved with these products, the argument being, why not just pack an actual apple or banana? And I agree to an extent. But there are plenty of times in daily life wherein the trusty go-to and to-go pouch, which won't perish, get crushed or need to be handled with care is a great choice. Note: the packaging is BPA free and phthalate free, but only the caps are recyclable at this point. However, pouches boast a better overall environmental rating than the glass jars that typically contain baby food. Read more here.

Summer travel, and our upcoming road trip from Portland to California spring to mind. Organic HAPPYBABY Pouches will be a passenger in our packed car on the way to our new life. Both of our kids love them, and I must admit, I have slurped down several myself for a quick, healthy energy boost. As we all know, pureeing fruits and vegetables is a great hidden way to get tots to eat produce they wouldn't otherwise touch with a ten-foot fork, and I love that the clever, enticing combos in this line get spinach (combined with mango and pear) into Miss O. I can't speak to the meat-laden varieties because we are vegetarians...

 Another yummy snack from HAPPYBABY are their HAPPYMUNCHIES. Made with whole grain, non-GMO corn, these crunchy snacks pack the added punch of 25 grams of brain-boosting choline per serving. They come in broccoli, kale and cheddar, and cheddar cheese and carrot varieties. Say goodbye to the Pirate Booty once and for all.

Stock up on these healthy organic pick-me-ups to make your summer travels easier and free of sugar lows!

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Jill V. / TerraSavvy said...

I am right there with you on the throw in your bag easy kind of foods!

I wrote a post on this too and how I love and hate them all the same.

Claire still loves them and I feel the same with throwing the mixes into pasta for a sauce or oatmeal to add fruit and some sweetness.

I too am a veggie and don't do the meat thing...but all the rest are great.