June 10, 2011

West Hollywood Here We Come! And Backyard Musings...

I've always thought the line: "You oughta be in pictures" applied perfectly to my children... and appropriately enough, we are moving to West Hollywood at the end of June. My previous post mentioned Redondo Beach, which we still love and hope to arrive at eventually, but for now this locale will serve our family best.

We'll be renting a duplex that is MUCH smaller than our current home in Portland, so I'll be featuring some of my favorite green storage ideas and small spaces to get inspired and geared up to streamline and downsize. Less is more, as the saying goes.

But first I'd like to start by saying in my nearly 18 years of renting apartments, I've never had a back yard... UNTIL NOW! I couldn't be more excited to have an outdoor space to garden and play with Miss O and Mr. A. But... I am looking for input on how to make temporary, inexpensive changes to the yard to best suit a toddler and a crawler.

I am in love with this DIY sandbox idea. And I would love to hear any other ideas you have, readers!

Image and Sandbox tutorial via Made

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