August 11, 2014

Modern Twist Kidz Placemat Makes a Masterpiece Out of Mealtime

Mealtime. It summons an array of emotions from delight to dread. Will your tot actually eat what you put in front of her? Will baby throw all of the expensive, organic produce you chopped into finger-sized bits directly onto the floor? While sitting down with wee ones to dine can be dicey, you now have one surefire way to make the experience entertaining at the very least...

Stick a Modern-twist Kidz placemat at the helm of your babe's booster seat and let her learn her ABC's and hone her coloring skills while you work on sneaking eggplant into her quesadilla.  Made of hand silk-screened food-grade silicone, these stylish placemats may be colored time and again with washable or dry erase markers, and they are free of BPA, latex, lead, phthalates and PVC. Additionally, they are non-porous and germ-free.

Modern Twist offers so many adorable designs atop their kidz placemats, which may all be viewed here. I love that they are eco-friendly, will easily fit in with the aesthetic of any home, and may be handed down to multiple children so all may feed the appetite of their inner artist.

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