August 1, 2011

Eco-Friendly 'Puppy' Backpack from Ecogear for Your Little Pups

I cannot believe Miss O will be starting preschool this fall. I literally thought this day would be eons into the future, and now I am at the precipice of that stomach-sinking moment when I'll be waving goodbye to my little girl as she takes her first steps into school and the 'real world.' (Gulp)

I wanted to equip her with the very best backpack I could find, for a variety of reasons. I wanted one that was non-toxic and free of vinyl, PVC, toxic dyes and lead, and one that was small enough for her petite frame. I found all this and more in Ecogear's Ecozoo series of backpacks. I chose the puppy design because Miss O is obsessed with canines, and what a bonus that this sweet tote also doubles as a comforting friend to foray with, into the initially unfamiliar setting of preschool.

Constructed of natural cotton, 'Puppy' measures 10 in. x 5 in. x 13 in and features padded shoulder straps and recycled plastic components. Miss O couldn't have been more thrilled upon receiving 'Puppy,' and declared that she would wear her "everywhere, all the time." I also feel wonderful knowing that a) she loves her first backpack and b) it is totally safe for her to travel with to and fro.

Other fun creatures in the collection include and adorable pig, panda and monkey.

Be sure to also check out Ecogear's reusable lunch totes, rolling bags and messenger bags for kids -- all of which are sustainably designed, keeping the best interest of our children and our planet in mind.

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