August 29, 2011

Little Me Tea - Healthy, Organic Tea Drinks for Kids

We're big tea drinkers in our household. I think my husband even started drinking tea when he was a baby! However, it had never dawned on me to offer tea to my children as a daily beverage. I don't know why I haven't thought of it because tea is so beneficial and is inherently filled with antioxidants. Chamomile tea had been suggested to us by doctors, as a way to alleviate colic, but I couldn't get either of my kids to drink it as babies, so who knows whether it would have worked.

I just learned about the first and only tea beverage specifically created for children: Little Me Tea, which are organic, low sugar, gluten free and caffeine-free. Invented by parents who didn't want to give their daughter sugar-laden juices or flavored waters that were lacking in nutrition, Little Me Tea, which comes in grape and tropical varieties, is filled with healthy ingredients including white and Rooibos tea blends and a bevy of organic juices: pineapple, grape, apple, carrot, even sweet potato puree! So kids who drink Little Me Tea ingest a load of fruits and veggies in addition to the benefit of tea.

Miss O was initially a fan of the teas on her first try, but then she decided she preferred her apple juice. Tea can be somewhat of an acquired taste, and if your kids are used to drinking sweet fruit juices and flavored milks, these tea drinks may be a hard sell. That said, my husband and I love their taste. I think Miss O is used to the sweetness of apple juice (even though we only ever serve her very diluted juices 1/4 juice to 3/4 water), so if your child is accustomed to the the naturally occurring sugars in fruit juices, simply mix her favorite juice with the Little Me Tea so she can experience all of the additional nutrients.

Another great idea from Little Me Tea is their delicious smoothie recipes. Their "brainpower breakfast smoothie" will be especially handy for kids heading back to school. And if you've got a budding athlete on your hands, fuel them with the "kick it up sports smoothie."


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