August 31, 2011

method Cleaning Products Make Your Home Shine Sans Chemicals

When we moved into our new home, suffice it to say, it was not at all clean. I wasn't looking forward to making our new abode spotless, after the exhaustion of packing and our long drive into town... but in order to unpack, I had to get down to scrubbing the place from top to bottom.

Enter method cleaners. I can honestly say that using any method product actually infuses the arduous task at hand with cheeriness. It must be the, dare I say it, sexy, streamlined packaging, vibrant colors and divine fragrances that make them so delightful to use. (And I am typically not at all a fan of any fragrances, but method nails their scents every time). I started using method products one by one when they first hit the market, and once I found out how truly green they were, I started buying only method cleaners. Every single product they make is effective and well-formulated.

When I was in the method cleaning aisle on my home cleaners shopping spree at Target, I found myself staring at all of the groovy colors to choose from, and one guy reached past me to grab two bottles of bright red and orange soap without thinking twice. I asked him if he was familiar with the scents he had selected and his response was, "No, I buy them for the colors." It seems method could be the first designer hand soap as well. They even make a Mickey and Minnie Mouse hand soap for kids, which I wrote about here.

The act of dusting is something I deplore. But I bought method's Method Wood For Good Spray and Method Wood For Good Floor Care Cleaner, and now I am like Snow White, whistling while I work. It's almost as though their wood for good spray is aromatherapeutic. I'd say the *only* drawback to any of method's products is that they smell *so* good that they are very appealing to children -- so make sure you lock them away from their reach.

If you've been using method for awhile, you may have noticed their new(ish) packaging. It is the only custom designed packaging made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles in mass market -- which keeps existing plastics out of landfills and eliminates the need to produce virgin plastic to house their cleaners. Bravo!

What's inside the bottles also got a makeover, with plant-based solvents and surfactants that pack a punch when it comes to cleaning away dirt and grime. Green cleaners are no longer second best to their toxic counterparts that some still cling to, believing they are all that will sanitize their home.

I know I sound like a spokesperson for method, but I'm not... nor is this post sponsored. I simply love their cleaners and wanted to share my experience so you may green clean your home with a happy face too!


Anonymous said...

I looooove Method products too! Best glass cleaner ever... I recommend their stuff to everyone I know :-) Great post!

Natalie said...

I do like their products but I am irritated that they do contain fragrance as opposed to just essential oils. This is a constant irritation for me and so many products that state their natural formulations. My husband really like them and they are indeed a huge improvement over many other cleaners but I still don't get why we think it's ok to "poison" (harsh word I know) with all these extra chemicals albeit in small quantities.