September 8, 2011

Satch & Sol Fair Trade 100% Wool Slippers Keep Tiny Toes Toasty

Back in 2009, I wrote a post about how important it is for both the sanctity and the sanitation of the household, to remove your shoes at the door. We have been doing so in our house for the last 4 years, and I wish we had started sooner!

There's nothing like slipping into a cozy pair of beloved slippers once you leave the outside world behind and enter your 'castle.' We are all slipper fanatics around here, even Miss O. Admittedly, she has gone through several pairs in her 4 years on earth, but we've just found the cutest, most beautifully made and eco-friendly slippers she's had the pleasure of wearing yet: Pups slippers from Satch & Sol.

Handmade by the Artists of Mongolia, a fair trade artisan cooperative, using traditional felting and knitting techniques, these sweet, 100% wool pups slippers include thoughtful details such as ears that stick out, felted eyes and a felted nose, which are securely and expertly hand stitched, and they are seamless, making them super comfortable. They also boast a plush black and brown suede sole to cushion little feet.

The Satch & Sol slippers collection includes an array of adorable slippers for babies, big kids, and  adults! All are crafted with the same integrity outlined above, and there's a style and color to suit everyone's fancy.

I also want to add that run of the mill kids slippers are usually made with synthetic soles and materials, and since feet sweat a lot, especially when tucked into a warm slipper, we've had issues with "stinky feet." Since Satch & Sol slippers are comprised of 100% wool, we haven't experienced any smelly toes, after constant, very enthusiastic wear.

Miss O never wants to take her pups off her feet, and she even named them Nick and Sally (from Dr. Seuss.) What a fun way to uphold the ritual of leaving shoes by the door to enter your sacred niche on earth.


Susan said...

Thank you for such a beautiful post about Satch & Sol slippers!

Anonymous said...

It was delightful to see this post- the moment I saw the picture of the slippers I knew they were Mongolian. My parents live in Mongolia and they have brought back a number of slippers for my kids, their grandkids. We love them. Thank you for sharing!