October 8, 2011

Fluf' Soft Storage Bins Give Toys & 'Stuff' a Stylish Home

Anyone who has kids can attest: no matter how streamlined your efforts, keeping track of the 'stuff' that piles up around the house is close to impossible. I love having plenty of storage bins in every room, because even when there's no time for clean-up or organization, you can toss the remnants of the day's activities into a handy stowing station.

These soft bins from Fluf are great because they're chic and stylish, but also whimsical enough to look at home in a child's play space, nursery or bedroom. The best part is, they can live on long after the kids are all grown-up, as they'll seamlessly translate to teen or adult functional decor.

They're handmade in Toronto, Canada with 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton, and silk screened with water-based pigments. You may also machine wash them in warm water and lay them flat to dry -- just in case your kiddos version of "clean-up" is to stow something like crayons or playdough in them when you're not looking.

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