October 12, 2011

Eco Halloween Decor & Goods from Green Planet Parties

I have to admit, I liked Halloween as a kid, but when I 'grew up,' I just wasn't feeling it anymore. But once I started celebrating Halloween with Miss O, her over-the-top enthusiasm was downright contagious, and I am back on the Halloween bandwagon. I am however, committed to making sure the occasion isn't an excuse to go on a buying spree -- purchasing items that are plastic, frivolous or wasteful.

That said, I think thoughtful decor that may be used year after year is really fun for kids. I remember a spooky, silly cardboard witch we had when I was growing up, and my mom hung her up every October in our playroom. I want to create those types of lasting memories with my family.

Enter Green Planet Parties. Their adorable, handmade felt Halloween garlands, which come in pumpkin or bat varieties, include ten appliques that are hand stitched and attached to hemp string. Given their heirloom quality and classic designs, they may be used again and again to evoke the holiday spirit. We just hung our jack-o-lantern garland in our abode, and they look so very sweet... I mean spooky!

Next up is the adorable cat mask that I'll be pairing with an all black outfit so I am not a party pooper who doesn't wear a costume to my daughter's multiple costume parties! I know this kitty mask is made for kids, but it's so cute that I want to wear it myself. And hey, if the mask fits...

Just like the garland, these masks (Green Planet Parties also offers an awesome wolf mask) are handcrafted, and they are made from two layers of eco felt and a layer of interfacing. The stretchy elastic band which secures the mask to your face allows for many years of wear. And there's no need to put the masks away once Halloween is over, as they're great items for everyday dress-up play. Meow!

As for parties, they so often go hand in hand with disposable tableware. But now there are so many options available that are easier on the earth, so if you have to use disposables, opt for biodegradable varieties. Green Planet Parties founder Suzanne just wrote a great, informative post on eco disposable tableware, and she even shares how to decorate plates and make them super creepy by stamping them with beet juice! Check out her post on the topic here.

Keep Green Planet Parties in your bag of tricks to put an eco spin on all of your holiday celebrations!

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