December 13, 2012

Snug Organics 100% Organic Cotton Sherpa Sleeper Makes Tots Extra Cuddly

I have a real soft spot for companies that are started by parents in an effort to give their children high-integrity products, while helping to preserve the future of the planet. Snug Organics is a family owned company based in Denver, Colorado, run by founders and parents Erin and Erik. As a school teacher, Erin was alarmed by the rising incidence of learning and developmental disabilities amongst today's generation of children (such as autism and ADHD -- both of which have been linked to a child's exposure to environmental toxins and chemicals). Read here and here for more info on the impact of these toxins and their relation to childhood disorders.

Bearing this in mind, Erin and Erik poured their hearts into Snug Organics, with their two boys serving as the inspiration to provide all children with organic sleepwear that is free of the toxic flame retardants that are typically sprayed on nearly all children's pjs. In their own words:

"The launch of Snug Organics is our solution to our findings and serves as our pledge to create sleep solutions for babies and toddlers that match the purity of our children. Equally important is the local, environmentally-friendly, low-impact manner in which these products are made."

There's nothing better than snuggling up with your freshly bathed babes on a cold winter night. And Snug Organics manages to take the cuddle factor to new heights with their 100% organic cotton sherpa sleepers. Sherpa is similar to fleece, but much better because it is antimicrobial, breathable and sustainable. They also feature side panels in organic cotton rib knit, to ensure a snug fit, which is an important requirement of children's pajamas. Made in the USA, these luxurious sleepers are free of pesticides, synthetics and flame retardant chemicals. A natural vanilla dye-less shell is paired with either dye-less natural or bright spring green trim colored with low impact dyes. You may choose between an aqua or a sunflower colored zipper - and sleepers are available in sizes 3 months to 5T. Bonus: the unisex colors mean the sleepers may be passed down and handed on to friends and family, regardless of gender!

I love so many things about Snug Organics sleepers:
1) I am grateful to have sleepwear for my kids that isn't doused in flame retardants
2) I love that the fabric is organic and all-natural
3) When your child wears a warm Snug Organic sleeper to bed, there's no need to worry about a blanket smothering him or getting kicked off, leaving him cold --instead he'll maintain a safe and comfortable sleeping temperature.

Snug Organic sleepers would make great holiday gifts for the upcoming winter season! Support a family-owned company trying to make a difference by giving all the babies and tots in your life these warm and cozy sleepers!

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